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Project Cornerstone

At Blue Hills, we are committed to fostering a supportive and nurturing community that helps our kids to thrive. That’s why we have chosen to participate in the YMCA of Silicon Valley’s Project Cornerstone. Project Cornerstone is dedicated to the goal of helping all children and teens in Silicon Valley feel valued, respected, and known. This is accomplished through the parent volunteers that go into the classrooms once a month to read an asset-building book, conduct the discussion around it, and engage in reinforcing activities with the students. In addition to the skills that are taught by this program, this parent-student classroom interaction provides the students with the sense that there are multiple adults in the community to whom they can turn if they have a problem and grows those relationships.

Parent volunteers are the driving force behind this program. If you have two hours a month, you can make an important difference in your child’s life, and in the lives of the children who form your child’s social network. Please contact us at if you are interested in becoming a Project Cornerstone volunteer!

For more information about Project Cornerstone, please go the the YMCA’s Project Cornerstone website.

If you are already a Project Cornerstone volunteer, thank you!

Please sign out this month’s book and materials here.

Or look here for the 2018-19 lesson plans.

The Asset Year Toolkit, with Youtube videos of the readings, can be found here.

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